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TP121 finger lamp


Input voltage:5V 2A

Battery capacity:1000mAH

Charging time:1H

Working time:2H

Plug type:USB

Product Details

This cordless led nail lamp is 360° rotatable, thanks to this first ever upgraded function, it can be flexibly adjusted the height and direction of the light to ideal position as you want. It's extremely convenient to carry it around to enjoy your DIY nails. Our cordless uv led nail lamp is USB rechargeable and up to 6 hours lasting time, no matter in the salon or at home, you can enjoy the manicure time with your families and friends.

It can cure all the gel nail polish in 15-60s. Great for home and salon use.

Flexible design that make it ease to operate your diy nail job and curing at the same time. Besides, it will not make your hands hidden in it by the limit space like the old style and don't need to worry about too hot, our LED nail curing lamp with 3W light source and flexible  lamp head design to provide temperature protection efficiently for your skin, hands and eyes that brings you a new nail experience.