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NT8026E2 Pink Nail Hand Arm Rest

For Fingernails and Toenails:Our manicure hand pillow is very durable which can be used for fingernails and toenails.

It's design for home use and professional salon use.

Product Details

Big nail hand rest

Product color:White,black,pink

leather hand rest

Elastic sponge : 

Filling with high quality soft sponge, high density and high resilience. The sponge will rebound quickly after pressing down the hand pillow cushion with hands, which is more comfortable to use, durable and last long.

pink hand rest

Thickened stainless steel bracket : 

the bracket is made of high-quality thickened stainless steel. The surface of white hand rest is very soft and smooth. It's firm and won't slide when using. And it won't deform even bear a maximum weight of 15kg. The height of the stand can store most of the nail lamps, making manicure more convenient and space saving.

Easy to clean : 

our manicure pillow is waterproof and easy to clean, you don't need to wash it on water, just use a wet cloth to wipe it.Don't suggest using any acidic or corrosive liquids on arm rest for desk nails.

hand rest

Easy to install :

The nail station table comes with a set of installation tools. Nail tables for technicians is easy to assemble and no need for special skills. Just take 5 minutes to intall it.