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Five New arrival nail drills


Three New arrival nail products

Now everyone is willing to do manicure at home, or can feel a good experience in the nail shop, and good products can leave a deep impression on customers at this time.

brushless nail drill

Non-dust nail drill design:Some polishing pens will cause dust to enter the heat dissipation port due to long-term polishing, resulting in failure. But this product has a buckle, and the dust will not enter the sanding pen.

I think this product is suitable for manicure staff,high power and built in battery.It can remove nail dust.

finger nail lamp

Single finger nail lamp:Three side could be used at the same time.

It it suitable for all gel polish and very small

Hanging Buckle Design:You can hang it on your pants when you are make nail art for clients

It is convenient .

It is also suitable for beginner,easy to use

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