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Basic knowledge of manicure


1. Apply nail primer before applying nail polish
The pigment in the nail polish is harmful to the nails, making the nails yellow and easy to break,
Apply nail base first. It can protect the nail surface from being directly damaged by pigments. If you like to paint your nails with different colors every day, the link of primer must not be ignored.
2. Not applying face oil will make the nail surface fragile
The face oil can protect the surface of the nail polish, so that the patterns and patterns on the nail surface will not be scratched, and the nail polish is the protective clothing of the nail polish.
3. It is best to apply dark nail polish for short nails
Women with short nails should give up the idea of using dark nail polish! Dark color has a visually shrinking effect, it will only make the originally short nails shorter, and very small nails will only make the fingers appear stubby.
Fourth, the color of the nail should be coordinated
Keeping the color of the nails on the hands and feet the same gives an elegant, detailed impression.
5. Don't underestimate manicure tools
Never underestimate the manicure tool, it will shape your nails, make them smooth and lay the foundation before applying a beautiful nail polish.

nail polish steps
1. Wash and disinfect your hands first, and use a scrub strip to correct the shape of your nails.
2. Add calcium primer to the coating on the nail surface.
3. Apply a little nail polish to the tip of the nail tip, and then paint the opposite side of the nail tip.
4. Rub the middle of the nail, the brush is slightly flat, and the brush head is slightly opened.
5. Paint the left side of the nail and then the right side of the nail.
6. Apply a second coat of nail polish thinly.
7. If there is excess nail polish spilled after finishing the nail polish, use the label to dip the nail polish remover and wipe off the excess nail polish.
8. Apply a layer of varnish.
9. Done.