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What is nail lamp


Nail lamp, also known as nail phototherapy lamp. It is specially used for drying phototherapy glue in the nail art process, and is mostly used in nail salons.

Some nails will rub a layer of nail phototherapy glue on the nails during the manicure process, which is similar to nail polish, but it is less likely to fall off than nail polish.

Generally, it can last for more than a month. It is usually used in professional nail salons, because nail phototherapy glue must be used. When it comes to manicure lamps, it is manicure phototherapy lamps.

There are two types of manicure lamps: ultraviolet lamps and LED lamps, which can have a good drying and sterilization effect. Be careful not to look directly at the UV lamps, and they are made according to gel. Use according to the manual or the relevant instructions of the UV lamp, do not shorten or use it for an extended period of time, it can maintain the best effect.

Manicure phototherapy lamp The special lamp for curing phototherapy nail gel can be used for both hands and feet.

There are many kinds of manicure lamps on the market, and some integrate the fan and the manicure lamp into one, which can be dried more quickly.

Compared with the nail lamps produced by other manufacturers, the service life is longer and the shell quality is better, because the general nail lamps use electronic ballasts.

The disadvantage is that it has a short service life and is not safe. Nail lamps are made of inductive ballasts, which can extend the life of the lamp