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Why you need electric foot callus remover


Reasonable and proper use generally has no obvious harm, but if used improperly, it may cause skin damage or infection.

1. For adults, as the age increases, walking for a long time will easily lead to long-term squeezing and abrasion of the skin of the feet, resulting in the appearance of dead skin. At this time, the rational use of foot grinder to grind feet can remove dead skin from feet and help to achieve the effect of skin care.                                 2. If the frequency of using the foot grinder is too high or the depth is not controlled, it is easy to cause skin damage. In addition, if you use a foot grinder to grind your feet, you should clean the sanding sheet and disinfect it in time. The cleanliness of equipment and skin is poor, which may easily cause skin infection.

It can Promote aging keratin exfoliation

The foot grinder has a certain effect, which can promote the effect of aging keratin exfoliation. If the skin of the heels has a lot of aging cutin, it may appear dry and rough, and it may also cause local skin cracking. You can soak your feet in hot water before going to bed at night. After the cuticle is softened, you can use athlete's foot, which is beneficial to make the feet. The skin becomes smoother, you can apply some moisturizing lotion after use.

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