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How to understand the use of various grinding heads


1.First, the installation of the grinder
There are two holes in the front of the body of the grinder introduced today, one is the charging hole, and the other is the socket of the polishing pen. When using, just insert the polishing pen into the socket. (Remember not to use the grinder while charging, which is easy to burn out)
To replace the sharpening pen, just turn the switch knob of the pen body. Very convenient.

2. Introduction of grinding head

Needle head

nail drill bit

It is used to polish the nail cut and open the small pocket, making the arc polishing smoother and smoother .

bullet nail grinding head

It is used to polish the concave and convex part of the nail surface, and remove the nail edge and bottom glue.

Conical head

nail grinding head

It is used to polish and carve the nail surface, polish the nail edges and corners, and polish the rear edge with a high semi-stick.

Fine grain corn nail grinding head

 ceramics  nail drill bit

It is used to remove the glue from the bottom of the nail for phototherapy and drill removal, and to modify the glue overflow stains around the nail.

Large cylindrical head

drill bit

Polishing the root of large nails, removing calluses, dead skin, nail removal, etc.

Small cylindrical head
Polishing the root of small nails, removing calluses, dead skin, nail removal, etc

Sand ring shaft grinding head

nail polisher drill bit

It needs to be put into a sand ring before it is not used. It can be used to remove nails, polish gray nails, etc

3.Use method of grinder

Initial grinding
After we just cut the nail, the edge of the nail is often rough and sharp. At this time, we can use the conical head to polish the edge of the nail for a preliminary time to make the edge of the nail smooth and curved.
Exfoliating scrub
We can install the needle head, then move it slowly along the cuticle around the nail, open the small pocket, and then use the dead skin scissors to clean the cuticle. Finally, we can use the Russian ball to treat the small barbs around the nail.
Treatment of rear edge with high semi-attached nail plate
Use conical head or cylindrical head to gently polish along the back edge of the nail plate until it is smooth without obvious bulge
Nail removal
You can polish the nail surface with a conical head or corn head (novices can use a lower speed to prevent scratching the nail)
Compared with the removal methods such as nail remover or nail remover bag, the nail polish machine only needs to use the polishing machine to gently polish the fingertips. Before operation, it is not necessary to use these nail removers with chemical components, and it is very safe to worry about causing damage to the nails.